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Get-Togethers 2020

GT #7 - 4 septemer 2020 - i am chosen - hAVING HEAVENLY CONFIDENCE IN A HUSTLE CULTURE!

We are so privileged and blessed to have a community of amazing business women who loves Jesus!


Thank you Kona Brown for your inspirational and powerful talk this morning!

We are CHOSEN,!


We do not have earthly confidence, we have HEAVENLY CONFIDENCE and we measure our work and ourselves by God's grace only!

Thank you to every lady who attended, who shared their hearts and wisdom and to all of you who will listen to the recording afterwards, may you be blessed with God's love and Kona's message!

Kona Brown is a blogger, speaker and author of "The Mommy Diaries". This coffee swigging, work-in-progress boy mom is sub par at ballsports and cooking but great at laughing at herself, making lists and equipping and inspiring woman to journey deeper with Jesus. Kona is a reluctant extrovert and her superpowers include overanalysing and the ability to express herself almost exclusively through giffs. After 10 years in the corporate world and another 10 in the music industry, Kona now writes and speaks fulltime, inbetween making 100s of peanut-butter samies.

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Her book:

The Mommy Diaries

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GT #6 - 7 AUGUST 2020 - SEASONS

Blessed to have spent the morning with beautiful and amazing women of God!

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:"
Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV)

Reneë Beck shared an encouraging and inspirational message about the 'Seasons' we experience in different areas and moments in our lives.

Life happens in seasons. They come and they go! Good seasons. Bad seasons. Productive seasons. Growth seasons and seasons of decline. 

We all go through different seasons, we received guidance and wisdom of how to embrace not just the good seasons, but even the difficult seasons in our lives! 


GT #5 - 10  July 2020 - regroup, refocus & restore

Grateful for another inspiring, encouraging and God-centered Get-Together #5 this morning!

We all go through change, challenges and uncertain times throughout our lives - personal and in business - at different stages and in different seasons!

Lizl Naude shared her journey, a powerful message and practical advice, that we will be able to implement as we continue in our own journeys, faced with change and challenges.


She describes it as "a life rich with experience, learnings and purpose" and today her business is a testament of her creativity and resourcefulness!​


This morning was a blessing to everyone attending!

#REgroup #Refocus #REstore

"You see, every child of God overcomes the world, for our faith is the victorious power that triumphs over the world."
1 John 5:4 (TPT)

Growing, sharing and learning together to make an Kingdom Impact in the marketplace!

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Once again an amazing and blessed online CWIB Get-Together #4 - Goodbye Imposter this morning with the beautiful Cherona D - Speaker, NLP Coach & Author as our guest speaker!

Thank you to all the beautiful women who joined this morning!

Cherona shared an inspiring message and her wisdom from her own personal journey in life and business as well as from her book 'I am a Purposepreneur'! Her book is a goldmine packed full of priceless treasures for readers looking for inspiration, as well as those seeking guidance and practical tools to help them to progress in their business. Thank you for sharing with us!

In an extract from her book she says: "In Genesis 1:27 we read that God created you in His image. You have to stand on this truth and promise. You were designed for greatness. You are enough for your assignment. You are loved. You are worthy! The same Spirit who raised the dead, is alive, and well in you. Now draw the line and take your stand, you are called to make a difference in the Kingdom. Every conversation, every email, every project and transaction is a testimony to this."

GT #3 - 15 maY 2020 - rooting your business in godly values

OUR FIRST ONLINE GET-TOGETHER! History in the making!

An amazing but different morning in the presence of God and other women in business, meeting online with our Guest Speaker Susan Marais on the topic Rooting your Business in Godly Values. 


Susan is a wife, mother and business woman. She owns a guest house here in Pretoria and loves taking care of guests from our beautiful country and all over the world. She also promotes restaurants, attractions and adventures on the Ultimate Pretoria Bucket List.

She shared her journey in corporate and in her own business with us, and how her own values is shown in her relationships in the workplace and in her business!

Valuable insights, knowledge and wisdom was shared by various attendees this morning. Together we learn and grow and make a Kingdom Impact!