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We are hosting regular Get-Together's where you will be able to connect with like minded women, have a safe place to discuss business topics, pray for your business and build heartfelt business relationships in the presence of God.  This is an opportunity to be encouraged, inspired and supported in your personal and work life together with other Kingdom Daughters! 

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Please note - Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and current restrictions,

the Get-Togethers will be hosted ONLINE via Zoom until further notice!

  • 4 June

  • 9 July

  • 6 August

  • 5-8 September Confident Me-Time Retreat, Clarens FS

  • 10 September

  • 23 October - CWIB Annual Conference

  • 12 November

  • 3 December - Year End Celebration

God knew that life and business would not be easy, and that we would need each other to truly succeed!

​​​​We do life and business together!

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Get - Togethers


What an amazing morning and inspirational message received at the CWIB Get-Together #4 with Alta Strauss!


God never answers with lack! He is a God of abundance!

Thank you Alta for the encouraging and empowering message you shared this morning! May God bless you and every woman who was present and those who will be listening to your message afterward.

God loves each one of us unconditionally, He has a purpose and plan for our lives, and He will complete the good work that He started within us! He wants the best for us! We need to trust Him, we need to persist and pursue the good work!

Alta Strauss is a Motivational Speaker, Presenter, and an Author.

Where to find Alta:

Social Media:


Instagram: @altastrauss

Twitter: @altastrauss

GT #3 - 9 april 2021 - rise uP!

Our topic of the morning is: “RISE UP!”

Our guest speaker is Lusanda Dhlamini and she had a burning message in her heart –  'You have a Voice, Rise Up!


We as women are called to influence and impact for the King and His Kingdom! We need to RISE UP and PURSUE what God has set aside for us!

We as women in the marketplace need to collaborate and not compare or compete!  We need to coordinate and lock arms and form a unity as women in the workplace, building each other up. 

We are not merely women in positions, we are a supernatural agent of God with access to His supernatural insight and power through the Holy Spirit. We need to live out our God-given purposes and do the works He has created for us to do in obedience and worship to Him!

"For we are His workmanship [His own masterwork, a work of art], created in Christ Jesus [reborn from above—spiritually transformed, renewed, ready to be used] for good works, which God prepared [for us] beforehand [taking paths which He set], so that we would walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us]."
Ephesians 2:10 (AMP)


Confident Women in Business you are chosen to be in business!  You are chosen to have a voice in business!  You have a voice in business, the time is NOW!


Lusanda Dhlamini is a Life and Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator – Business owner of Lusanda Dhlamini Consulting.  She is the Founder of Women of Reverence, a women’s ministry birthed in South Africa to serve Africa and the nations.  

Lusanda speaks and facilitates with passion and authority.  She loves coaching and mentoring women in finding their purpose in life so that they can walk into their destiny.  Lusanda finds sharing knowledge with other women and professionals rewarding and enriching to her own personal and professional growth.  

Her belief is, “We achieve more forging associations, collaborations and partnerships with one another – leveraging our collective experiences, knowledge, and networks”.  

Lusanda has 20 plus years of corporate experience in Client Relationship Management, Business Development, and Organisational Development.  She studied Business Management and completed her post-grad at Wits Business School in Management Advanced Program (MAP).

Lusanda Dhlamini is married to Joseph Dhlamini and together they are the Lead Pastors at Gateway City Church, Alexandra Township, Sandton Johannesburg. 


What a blessed morning we had with our guest speaker Elize-Marie Muller together with amazing women of God!


Our topic of the morning was: “WHAT MAKES YOU VALUABLE?”

What gives you value is often also what defines you. The reverse is also true: what defines you is what gives you value.


In her message,  Elize-Marie shared with us the 3 most common contributors to us feeling valuable and what the Bible teaches about value.

Elize-Marie is also the author of WHO AM I? – “Navigating life with greater certainty by discovering true identity.”


Her book explains nine biblical identities that God declares over every Christian believer. Knowing about them will help you overcome sin and live in greater obedience, courage and victory.

You will learn:

  • the difference between identity and personal attributes

  • to recognise false identities and discover the foundational role of a biblical identity

  • about the link between identity, behaviour and purpose.

She will also present a workshop on the nine biblical identities for the CWIB community, more information will be available soon!

COST: R 120-00 (Courier cost excluded)

Apart from the biblical identities declared over her, Elize-Marie is married to Helgaard and full-time mother of their two young teenagers.  She passionately studies the Word of God and serves her church and community by teaching what God shows her through His Word.  Her strength lies in taking familiar biblical passages or concepts and translating them in a practical way so that people of all ages can relate to them.

Where to find Elize-Marie:

Social Media:


Instagram: @liz.zie1976


We are so privileged and blessed to have a community of amazing business women who loves Jesus!


Thank you Joanne Govender for your inspirational and powerful talk this morning!



Love is a central theme in God's Word and the foundation of its greatest commandments.  These commandments are to love God with our entire being and to love our neighbours as ourselves.

He first LOVED us! The same love God extends to us, He expects from us to extend to ourselves and others. 

Dear Kingdom Daughter, LOVE YOURSELF!  God wants YOU to love yourself!

Thank you to every lady who attended, who shared their hearts and wisdom and to all of you who will listen to the recording afterwards, may you be blessed with God's love and Joanne's message!

Joanne is a daughter of God, a Wealth Administrator, dynamic women's leader and Spiritual Life Coach. Her passion is developing and equipping women to do great exploits for Christ. 

Where to find Joanne:

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