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Get-Together #5 

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We can all relate to experiencing times of goodness and times of disappointment. Sometimes we even experience times that are uneventful or dull. How do we steward our hearts through these ups and downs? 

Let's learn from the pattern we see in the life of Mary from the New Testament!

CWIB-Get-Together-5Elize-Marie Müller
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Elize-Marie enjoys studying the word of God and growing in her relationship with Jesus. She has written a book on our Identity in Jesus and it's her passion to teach and equip fellow believers with God's Word in a way that helps them grow in their relationship with Jesus.

This book explains nine biblical identities that God declares over every Christian believer. Knowing about them will help you overcome sin and live in greater obedience, courage, and victory!

R200 per book, courier fee included!

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