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Get-Together #10 


In 1 John 3:1, John speaks in amazement about this manner of love that makes us children of God. He wants us to behold it – that is, look at it and study it intently!


BUT, what is it that makes us sometimes slow to believe this love of God? Phumzi will share her journey in life and business and what this unique, wonderful, and divine love of the Father meant to her, practically!


Phumzi is a child of God and a mother of four. She is an attorney, notary, and conveyancer with a strong passion for the Arts. She is seeking a deeper revelation of God’s truth, love, and purpose for her life; navigating this journey of life with the light of God as her guide. 

Her motto is: I am God’s own, the apple of His eye, loved by Love Himself!


May you be blessed and encouraged by the greatness of God’s love for us as women in business!

CWIB-Get-Together-10Phumzi Phala
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Where to find Phumzi Phala:

076 294 1336

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