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Get-Together #9 


Much like the incident in Matthew 8: 23-27, we from time to time go through seasons in our careers and businesses where the storms make it seem unlikely that we might get to ‘the other side’. When the storms arise, in our state of shock, fear, and disappointment we can react much like the disciples did and conclude that we are about to sink, therefore giving up the idea of reaching that place of promise - ‘the other side’. Thank God, Jesus was in it because His presence in that boat was the game-changer!

Although we may go through challenging seasons in our career and entrepreneurial journeys where things look bleak, where God seems silent and we feel forsaken, our hope should always be that God is in it, and therefore it is well.

Join us and let's move to the other side with God in it! 

Get-Together 9Zinhle Xulu
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