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Are you looking for a diary or daily planner for 2024? 

The planner reviews are being done by CWIB Club members and are merely described or analyzed based on opinions, content, and suggestions of to whom it be of value!

The planners are available at all major bookstores nationwide and online stores!

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Review done by Marelke Botes

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Each blank page in this beautiful planner sparks the joy of a fresh start. From the soft leather cover to the high-quality paper inside, this planner really excites me for a great 2024.

Reasons I love this planner:
-each month is a different colour and the pages are coordinated with the most beautiful and inspirational pictures throughout the month
-every month starts with a devotional to get you intentional about the month ahead 
-verses or quotes at the bottom of every page let me remember where my focus should be daily
-daily planner has ample space to write not only your appointments by time but has space to make notes and tick off your to-dos
-month overview allows you to write down birthdays as well as set goals
-high quality and beautifully curated


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2024 DAILY PLANNER - Joyce Meyer

Review done by Susan Marais

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I love setting goals for a new year well in advance and the Joyce Meyer Daily Planner greatly assisted me in doing that over the last few weeks already.

The planner is slightly smaller than an A5 which makes it perfect to take everywhere in your handbag. It has all the pages you need to get a great overview of the year ahead including an annual overview, a list of public holidays and a page for birthdays. Every month starts with a short devotional and a monthly overview. I absolutely love the space for a monthly prayer list as well. 

The daily pages have a block for a daily TO DO list and the rest of the day allows for appointments and scheduling in half hour increments. There is also a short thought for the day on each page. 

This planner is a great addition to your annual planning needs and can be used effectively along with your digital platforms to make sure you approach this new year with a peaceful heart.



Review done by Nicola Tapson


If you are looking for a planner to keep track of your busy days and inspire you then the daily planner from Christian Lifestyle is for you. This A5 hard-cover planner has monthly calendars before each month and a full page for your daily appointments, to-do list, and notes. There is also an inspirational quote for each day. One thing, I love about the planner is the monthly devotional theme at the start with a two-page image spread to help you think about it more later in the month. This way getting you to grow and reflect on aspects of your faith.

This is the perfect planner for someone who needs to focus, grow, and reflect.

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DAIRY 2024

Review done by Lineke Marais, 15

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Us teenagers are known for being a little disorganised and therefore I was thrilled to receive the Diary 2024 as a gift to help me plan the year.


The diary is an A5 size which is great because it does not take up too much space. The first page has lines for my name and contact details to ensure it is returned to me if ever lost. This is followed by pages for public holidays, a year planner, notes, and birthdays. 


Each month starts with a calendar page and has a block for GOALS for that month. I feel this will help me a lot to focus my attention on the things I need to. After that, there is a block for each day of the week, space for a TO DO list, and even my weekly top priorities. I can't wait to see how this will help me to plan my extracurricular activities better in the new year. I like the weekly quote as well. 


The 2024 diary is big enough to fit my busy lifestyle but small enough to fit in my school bag. Thank you Women of Reverence for this beautiful gift.

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Review done by Charlotte Mthombeni

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Unleash the potential within you with John C. Maxwell's daily planner 2024, and start the new year with a new mind and grow daily with these law nuggets found in the daily planner.

The John C. Maxwell Daily Planner 2024 is an A5 imitation leather format and contains wisdom and guidance from the well-known leadership expert John Maxwell. This planner fits into any handbag or laptop bag and closes with a zip! The ideal daily planner for any businesswoman in a leadership position who wants to grow and be inspired daily! 


YOU ARE GOLDEN - 2024 Monthly & Weekly Planner

Review done by Keren Kulshukeran


What do I love most about this planner
•    The spiral bonding
It makes the notebook way easier to write in as you can turn the pages without damaging the paper, it makes the book easier to hold while writing without a flat surface underneath rather than holding it in your hand.
The spiral bonding can also be used to slip a pen in which is convenient if you are on the go.
•    The cover design 
The design is beautiful with a simple statement saying you are golden which is an everyday reminder every time you use the book which makes you look forward to writing in it . The blue and gold colours go hand in hand and the texture of the hardcover is soft and it feels durable it also feels semi-waterproof which is always convenient. 


•    The 2024/2025 calendar 
The calendar is convenient for every person just to be able to see the months of the year all on one page instead of having to look at your phone calendar or search up a calendar just to look at 1 date it saves up plenty of time 
•    The monthly motivational quotes
I love that every month has its own motivation quote to start of the month as each month can come with a challenged but the motivational quote can uplift your spirit and I’m also a fan of the art work on that specific page as it is appealing to the eye and sets a positive mood for the month 
•    The date blocks for every month 
These blocks are very convenient to write down small reminders like meeting and exams so that you don’t forget them .I like the notes on the right side of the page just to add extra information as well as the calendar months for before and after that particular month ,it makes it easier to plan and jot down reminders 
•    The public Hollidays under its respective date
It can be easy to forget what day a holiday falls on so that just makes it a little more convenient and it reminds you of the public holiday especially if you are running a business and need to plan around a public holiday 
•    The mini notes block at the bottom of the pages 
This is convenient in case you need to jot down and summarise extra information for the week 
•    The extra notes pages at the end of the planner
I love these notes pages as they are needed incase I would like to write down extra information that doesn’t relate to a particular day.

I absolutely love this daily planner it’s beautiful on the outside and convenient on the inside. Thank you Confident Women in business and Struik Christian media for giving me this opportunity to review one of the 2024 planners .


This initiative is in collaboration with Women of Reverence and Struik Christian Media, and more book reviews are available on the Women of Reverence website!

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