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22 July 2022  |  Johannesburg, GAUTENG

We hosted our second Business EXPO, where businesswomen were able to connect and network with

like-minded women in business who love God!

This was an opportunity for Christian businesswomen at any stage of their career or in business, to showcase their products and services, support each other, minister to each other, and built heartfelt relationships.

My sincerest appreciation and gratitude to everyone for your support and participation in the CWIB EXPO!

A special thank you to all our EXHIBITORS for your support, hard work, and effort, the stunning giveaways, and for showcasing your amazing businesses, products, and services! It was a great experience to cooperate with you! May your businesses continue to grow and prosper!

Thank you to all our Expo VISITORS who supported the amazing businesswomen on the day.  May the connections and relationships that were built, flourish, and may you and all the businesses that have been represented on the day, benefit from this!

Thank you to our once again, amazing and vibrant guest speaker Taryn-lee Kearney for your ‘Boomchakalaka’ business talk!  The topic  Ctrl+Alt+Del=REBOOT and your energy were refreshing, inspiring, and encouraging! The ladies just loved you!


Thank you Dora Zulu who was our MC at the event! Thank you for your energy and your networking skills!  I appreciate you as a friend and love you!

Thank you to our beautiful venue, The Maslow Hotel Sandton for your support, your friendly and helpful team, and the excellent service and assistance we received! We look forward to the next event at your venue!

Thank you to the various media houses for your support and awareness that you created! This event would not have been the same without the huge commitment and active contribution we received from your team! We appreciate your support, and we look forward to more collaborations in the near future!

Thank you to every supplier who played a role in the success of the day, you are appreciated!

Thank you to the amazing CWIB Team, CWIB Club Members, friends, and close community of amazing God-loving businesswomen for your prayers, love, encouragement, and support, on the day and always. You are treasured and valued! 

Thank you to my amazing husband and family for always being there and showing up when I need you.  Thank you for your love and support! I would not be able to do what I love without you! 

Thank you to our Heavenly Father for shining His light on this event, for His presence, the vision He gave me, and for His unending grace and blessings that He showers on all of us every day! To Him all the praise and glory! 

I hope the experience was as enjoyable for you as it was for us hosting this amazing event.



Have a look at what happened there:


Inspire. Encourage. Support.

CWIB has core values that line up with Riverbend's purpose (To inspire and equip people and organizations who want to become greater.)  

Hence it Riverbend MEA team's honor to support them!   Bringing the light!

The Riverbend Group

The Maslow Hotel shaking 'umzimba' with Confident Women in Business.  It was lit with joy and the goodness of God. We worshiped together and encouraged one another.

Being in business with God as your CEO is a whole lot better than doing it on our own!

Kwanele SA

Thank you so much for this lovely event #CWIBExpo!  It was worth every minute! 


Thank you, Cerita Nagy.  May you continue being a blessing to others. May CWIB continue to grow,

P.S Will definitely be doing the next one again. To Business Growth, Learning and most importantly- Networking!

Isa B Jewellery Designs

Another successful event organized by Cerita Nagy. You, mam, are a powerhouse. The #CWIB Expo at The Maslow Hotel was phenomenal. I was in a room filled with beautiful women in business and as I chatted to each one, I was truly inspired by the stories behind their brands.  African Majesty attended the Expo for the first time and wow, what an amazing lady. 

Overall I'm happy and encouraged to keep doing what I do, that is baking a difference. The challenges are plenty on this journey, but because I know my WHY, nothing is going to stop me from achieving the success I'm after. And events such as this edifies us, re-fill our cups, and remind us that the hurdles on our paths shouldn't stop us.

Muffin Tops

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