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Regular Workshops will be hosted for business women to grow and excel as Confident Daughters of God in business!

This is an opportunity to escape from the busyness of life and business, learn from each other, share, laugh, network, and build deep and sincere relationships!

These workshops will all be designed with a specific topic in mind - to inspire, encourage, and support you in various areas of your personal and work life. Our presenters and facilitators of these workshops are of the highest standards and leaders in their specific fields.

Join us and reach your God-given potential with confidence in the workplace!

Business Discussion

Personal Branding & Effective Communication


Next Workshops

Personal Branding & Effective Communication Workshop

We invite you to this 4-hour workshop, facilitated by Mukondeleli Masiza. She is a Wife & Mother, Attorney, Personal Branding Coach, Conference Speaker, Workshop Facilitator & MC.

Every individual and organization has a personal brand.  Whether or not we are intentional about building our brand does not take away from the fact that we are constantly communicating who we are and what we have to offer to those around us.

So, why not be intentional?

While this workshop aims at providing individuals and business leaders with the skills required to best build their brands (their WHAT), we also direct our focus to the HOW. Your biggest HOW is communication.

Being able to effectively communicate your brand is as important as building it. Let us show you how!

Date:     TBC

Join us and let’s get intentional about our branding!


Bible Journaling Workshop

Spending time in the Word is so important and yet it sometimes becomes a chore instead of a joy.

In this 4-hour workshop, we will talk about:

•    Different types of Bible Journaling - is and if it’s for you.
•    What does the Bible say about our time in the Word?
•    How we can make our Bible study more intentional.

This workshop will be presented by Susan Marais, one of our CWIB Team Members and she will inspire you to make the most of your time in God's Word!

DATE:              TBC


The Bible is the most amazing book ever written. Come and rediscover a little bit of its awesomeness with us!

Destiny Planning Workshop

Join us for 4 hours of planning for Kingdom Businesswomen as we journey through different seasons in life, our careers, and in business. 

Open the drawers of your heart and pull out your dreams and purposefully plan for your destiny.

This workshop will be facilitated by Lusanda Dhlamini, a Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker for a transformational and sustainable planning time for your destiny.

DATE:             TBC         

Psalm 37:23 declares that: “The steps of a good (woman) / man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in (her) / his way.” 

Let's be encouraged that we can fulfill our destiny by trusting in Him and charting our course based on how He leads us, and not on our own understanding. 

Join us in finding God's unique purpose, His special plan for your life, tailored just for you! As you let Him be the One who orders your steps, you will fulfill your destiny!


Discover Your True Identity


Join us for this workshop to discover your true identity!

"Our God is an equipping Father.
What He requires, He provides.
What He demands, He enables.”

Discovering our GODLY IDENTITY is part of this equipping process. 

In these sessions together, we will discover how God equips us to:

  • live in the freedom that Jesus has bought for us;  

  • use the truth of God’s word to overcome sin; 

  • be strengthened to endure in times of trouble;

  • the role of Identity in what we believe and how we behave.


We will delve into the meaning and power of 9 biblical identities. Although we may be familiar with the concepts of identities, we will discover how these truths equip and empower us to practically change the way we think, feel and behave.

More info to follow soon!

More workshop dates for 2024
will be available soon!

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