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HUMBLE BEGINNINGS by Dr. Krishnee Kissoonduth

I am a Director responsible for Corporate Services in a public entity. I gave my heart to the Lord when I was in grade 12 and was baptised two years later.

Having emerged from Hinduism, I have learnt many lessons about giving and humility from my previous faith.

As a child of God and not having the benefit of attending Sunday school where you learn the basics of the Christian faith, I have attended courses, read books and listened to sermons to improve my walk with the Lord. I am therefore work in progress.

The greatest lessons I have learnt in life is to trust the Lord, forgive myself and others quickly and know my limitations. Coming from humble beginnings, I pushed myself very hard to excel in my studies and carve a better life for myself. Education was very important to my parents and that sense of importance has been instilled in their children.

I have learnt that each person has their own standards and even if my intentions for another person to improve himself/herself is good, that person may not want to raise their personal bar. These lessons have developed into a passion for the development of young women in my workplace and the community as well as outreach to the poor, orphans and widows.

My personal journey has also impacted on the manner in which I perform my duties as the Director – Corporate Services. I have a heart for the discouraged and broken hearted.

I would like to encourage every women to be kind to herself. The world is a better place because of you!

Dr Krishnee Kissoonduth was born in Durban, South Africa in 1967. Emerging from humble beginnings, she excelled academically achieving first position in the standard each year in high school culminating in being the recipient of the Dux award for academic excellence at the end of her grade 12 year. Dr Kissoonduth is a well-rounded individual as a keen participant in sporting activities, social upliftment interventions and educational matters. Dr Kissoonduth received the Victrix Ludorum sporting award in grade 7 in recognition of her consistent excellent performance in the sporting field.

She received her Non-Graduate Higher Education Diploma (Mathematics and Computer Science) from Springfield College of Education and went on to achieve her BSc Degree (Computer Science) from Unisa, Presidential Strategic Leadership Programme through University of North West, Master’s Degree (Public Administration) through University of Pretoria and Doctorate Degree (Public Administration) through University of South Africa. Dr Kissoonduth has gained vast experience in the field of Human Resources, Support Services, Corporate Services, Talent Management, Remuneration and Employee Benefits during her period of employment. She is accredited as a Master Reward Professional through the South African Reward Association, Master Human Resources Professional through the South African Board for People Practices and is a Global Remuneration Professional through WorldatWork, the leading international reward organization.

Dr Kissoonduth led Unisa to a third place award at the 2016 South African Reward Association award ceremony where Unisa was recognized for a project that impacted on the attraction and retention of talented employees. This was the first time that a university in South Africa had received such an award.

Her work ethic and reputation as being a meticulous person of integrity, has earned her the respect of her peers and colleague as well as accolades as the Woman of the Year in previous places of employment. Dr Kissoonduth strives to impact on the lives of employees in her place of work and her community. She has a specific passion to help women reach their potential through, amongst others, further studies. In addition, Dr Kissoonduth has a passion to mentor young men and women with her professional and personal wisdom, gained along life’s journey, to enable them to make Godly choices in life.

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