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I went through a challenging time the past few weeks — I have to admit, I wasn’t really feeling like a “confident woman in life”...

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you where you find yourself wanting to revisit some of your less favorable habits.

This happened to me and I realized that I even got myself involved in situations and conversations which goes against my core values. It was almost as if I was revisiting my past for a moment and it felt horrible.

You see. I worked (and am still working) very very hard at becoming the best version of ME. I enjoy a holistic healthy lifestyle and take care of my body, soul and spirit. There’s a reason why Paul said ”Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers”. (3 John 1:2)

I enjoy not drinking too much wine, not smoking, not gossiping or swearing. Instead I thrive on doing conducive things such as meditating, drinking-and-eating green and fostering a positive growth mindset. But sometimes (luckily not often) it seems that I find myself looking back at “Egypt” in that I want to fall back into the less healthy habits. I don’t like this. I know what it feels like to not be where I am meant to be and it’s tormenting to say the least.

After my divorce I was in the middle of the so-called wilderness for a very long time.

Now that my overall restoration and healing process is reaching an all-time high, I realize that I am much much closer to the promised land of Milk & Honey — and Egypt is really out of sight (and mostly out of mind too).

I am also definitely not in the wilderness anymore.

So why would I want to look back at Egypt?

Why is it that we backslide?

Why is it that our former behavior is sometimes such an easier option?

Well, neuroscientists will tell us that our brain pathways are very deeply engraved when it comes to any behavior, so it’s much easier going back on the “old familiar paths” — even if these paths are less favorable. I believe this is why we need to ask Holy Spirit every morning to renew our thoughts so that we do not conform to the patterns of the world but that we be transformed by the renewal of our minds, as Romans 12:2 states.

I was thinking about Lot’s wife who looked back and I asked myself what she should have done differently.

I always say that we should get into the habit of moving TOWARDS something good and positive — thus we need to FOCUS ON WHERE WE ARE HEADING instead of trying to move away from something negative. If we make this minor change in focus, we already steer our minds, actions, enthusiasm and curiosity towards the positive (the land of Milk & Honey), instead of focusing on what we want to get away from, as this only leaves us captured and held hostage in “Egypt”.

I’m changing my FOCUS OF DIRECTION now. It’s time to look forward, and forget the former things. It’s time to deliberately not be like Lot’s wife — it’s time to deliberately believe in the future and believe that we are a part of the new thing which God is doing in our lives, and land!

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?"

Isaiah 43:18 - 19

Tilesia Colyn is an advocate who after a few years in practice decided to take a venture along the path of Human Behavioural Studies.  Apart from her degree in Psychology, she also did courses in Imago Relationships Therapy and Neuroscience Coaching.

She is the founder and owner of a Godly inspired business, TCF Holistic Solutions.  The conception of the business was as far back as 2001 when the Holy Spirit gave her a vision of TCF (Tilesia Colyn Foundation). A foundation aimed at assisting students to study with a bursary funded by large corporations.  Finally after many years and a course in Balance Life Coaching, the business became a reality.

Tilesia is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and enjoys working with Corporate Companies as their Employee Wellness Facilitator.  She always says that a healthy employee is worth far more than gold! She focuses on changing the lifestyle of people on taking on a holistic level - taking cognizance of the interplay between body, soul and spirit. God gives us the ability to change our lives and our mindset in order to live a fulfilling life - as Paul says in Romans 12: 2.

In her own words she says: "I changed my life to help others change theirs!  My passion is to see people step into the fullness of their calling - I live and love to see people flourish in their own potential!" She works with individuals, groups, employees, executives, couples, children and families.

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