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We are experiencing exceedingly difficult times. We are in the midst of a storm called Covid-19. It is not as easy as it was before.

I often pondered about the past as we all have done over this strange period. The continuous questions vested in our minds about what will be happening in our lives and our future.

I had to remind myself daily to renew my mind.

I had to remind myself to not live under the Covid-19 cloud the whole time but also to be thankful for each new day. It is so important to still dream and hope for a better tomorrow.

I have a thing for beautiful gifts wrapped in beautiful paper or boxes. I have one specific silver box I purchased at an antique store. I always look at my antique jewelry that I keep in this box and think of all the stories and memories around them. They were once a new gift and they all had a new beginning, now they are only an ornament or a piece with a history.

We all are like that. We were once happy, and everything was fine. We live and life happens to each one of us. We get married and sometimes get divorced. You are healthy and sometimes ill. You have a job and then lose the job. You make friendships and you lose friendships. You laugh and you cry.

It is important to stop and pause. It is important to remember the good times.

We need to remember the valleys and the journeys through them. We also need to remember the victory of reaching our summit. If you think back on your journey you will see your trails of trials and trails of miracles. We get stuck in this bundle of emotions and we forget to live!

I had so many amazing journeys in my life. Some were very dark and difficult and others light and filled with joy. I also have this thing for teacups. I will pour myself tea and sit in the sun, listen to the birds and look to the clouds. I love clouds. I was once in ICU where I was fighting for my life.

I asked God to grant me more days and health. I promised that I will look at the clouds and I will appreciate them. I kept my promise. There is not one day that I will not look and remember that promise and that dark journey.

We need to keep our memory boxes filled with all that matters to us.

We get so busy that we forget the precious feelings of memories from the past. It is much easier to focus on the negativity and the hurt of today. That is how we have programmed our minds. We are like my silver box. We put in what we want to treasure, we also put in what we want to despise. I do think we need to remove the old from our boxes that do not belong there. We need to replace it with new thoughts, new dreams, new visions, and new hope. We might not forget the hurt, but we do not need to look at it every day and ponder about that hurtful journey.

I treasured memories of my past and I have them in my box. I also removed some hurtful ones and do not want to look at them every day. They were once a new beginning, but they are now the antiques of my mind. I lived with an addict. It was not easy at all. There were also good memories in between with my twins and raising them to be young ladies. I was also extremely ill at so many stages of my life and still during it all God was so faithful. He would send me the most amazing staff or friends in hospital, and we made friendships that have lasted.

I keep my memory box filled with some powerful thoughts and past wisdom notes from my dearest father who has passed away. I keep my memory box full of past prayers, love and emotions from family gatherings and laughter.

Do not empty your memory box. Do not open it up and find nothing in it. Value your memories and keep them alive. Keep the ones alive that need to stay in that box of precious memories.

I have a memory box filled with grace. I looked at my jewels of joy and wear them around my heart.

Suzette Marais CEO for Newco Fundraising (Pty) Ltd. Suzette was the CEO for Top Model South Africa for six years. She is now the Director and mentor for the number one modeling competition is SA. Suzette is the mother of twins. She is also an author and she loves writing poems. Her new book will be published in November. Suzette is the founder of the brand.

Suzette is a wellness specialist coach and a NBI Brain practitioner. She is available for power hours with ladies as well as personal one on one sessions.

Suzette has numerous testimonies and featured on television, radio and in magazines with her sharing her testimonies.

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