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DEAR 20 YEAR OLD ME by Nicolene Steyn


The road of the next 20 years is going to be somewhat different than what you have been dreaming about the past 20 years. You have been dreaming about your career, meeting your husband, being a loving wife, being called for ministry, living life to the fullest...


You will experience the true meaning of the name I have called you by... to be an overcomer... but also to be a victorious overcomer...You will have a lot of favour in all you do especially business. But with that you will be taught longsuffering, you will marry, but not without learning to loose at first and learning that the only way you can love is by understanding that you have been loved first. You will be realizing the only way you reach fulfillment is by doing what you were created to be and called by the very second of conception. All this will take you another 20 years before you will be ready to step into your real destiny that I am promising you now...Then the most important thing you will learn is that My grace is enough for have been saved by grace not because you were necessarily qualified to be saved but because you were loved by Me and that I died for you for were enough...if I only knew this at 20!

You see we all think we have it all figured out. But without making Kingdom decisions in all aspects of our lives it is very easy to drift in the wrong direction. Unfortunately by growing up with religion does not always teach you what real relationship with the Lord means. It is very easy to get deceived and lied to by the enemy.

Growing up in a society that asks you what you want to become rather than what does the Lord want you to be become clouds our vision of the future as well as marriage and what love really means.

Getting involved in business with a business partner that has different religious views than you at a too young age can almost destroy your destiny.

The only way to avoid this and the roller coaster ride of being hurt too many times is by dying over and over to yourself, making the Lord Jesus the King of your heart and life, getting baptized by water and spirit and making no decision before it is a Kingdom decision. And then living a life of opening up your heart everyday afresh for a new touch, exposing what is not from Jesus and growing into the clothes and mantle you were called by . In Isaiah 61:10 it says the following that the Lord wrapped or clothed me in the clothes of salvation. To wrap something takes time in Afrikaans it says “in gewikkel”. That means that it was not easy to fit it immediately.

Little by little we grow into the destiny He has for us.

Decide today that whatever you do, you do it for the Lords glory, not only your family and friends but your business or work that you do every day. It will speed up the calling on your life!

“But anyone who follows the true way comes to the light. Then the light will show that whatever they have done was done through God.”

John 3:21

Nicolene Steyn is married to Pieter Steyn and has two children. With over 20 years of experience in the health and skincare industry and a qualified somatologist Nicolene has won numerous awards as skin therapist, retailer and business of the year. In September 2019 she has started a new venture and business where she is combining her passion and calling in one and also started to create a platform for sole business owners in her industry to guide and lead them spiritually and in business.

Nicolene's heart is for every person that she sees to receive healing and liberty for whatever is keeping them chained up. Through her specialized therapy in aesthetics, trauma massage and much more she believes to bring Christ's love, healing, restoration and power to each person through her treatments. She also has a passion to help other somatologists to set up and activate their calling as somatologist and chosen daughter of the Lord. She also believes that your business or the marketplace and your calling works together as an act of worship to the Lord. Ultimately if we do what we were created to do, we will be bringing pure worship to the Lord and also be satisfied from within.

Nicolene and Pieter are also qualified lay counselors and do prophetic deliverance for whoever needs it. Individually she has a special heart for sexually misused and abused women and has seen in many cases full deliverance through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Nicolene loves prophetic writing as the Lord leads her to write letters of love from a loving Father the Lord Almighty to a dying world.

Nicolene is a CWIB team member and she will be the guest speaker at our 3rd Annual Conference that will be hosted on Saturday, 10 October 2020.

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