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Join our Club today and let us be stronger, more confident, and successful together!

Our mission is to inspire, encourage and support you to keep God at the center of your life and business!


Become part of a close circle of women in business who loves Jesus Christ - connect, grow and support each other in our life and business journey!

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Grow and learn together!

Joining the CWIB Club will include ...

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Digital Reading
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Monthly NewsletterS
CWIB Club Facebook Group
DISCOUNT on all CWIB Events, Workshops & Retreats

Receive a monthly newsletter with business articles, book reviews, resources, and member profiles & testimonies. 


Receive Zoom links to all free events and activities monthly.

Stay connected and informed with the CWIB Club Facebook Group..

All information and resources will be shared with this group.

Regular marketing and member profile opportunities for group and club members.

Receive exclusive discounts on all events, workshops, and retreats hosted by CWIB.

Colleagues in Hallway

Free monthly online access to listen to inspiring messages and connect with like-minded women, have a safe place to discuss business topics, pray for your business and build heartfelt business relationships in the presence of God!

Q & A Sessions

Free access to a monthly online business & faith brainstorm session, to discuss business challenges and ideas in a safe space. 

Get Godly advice and guidance from Spirit-led women, Christian business coaches, and mentors.

Colleagues Working Together
Prayer Room

Praying together brings us into God's presence in a fuller dimension than when we pray alone.

We pray together for the prayer requests that we receive within our close circle and community.

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Become a member !

Once-of registration fee of R50-00

R200-00 recurring monthly 

Monthly Investment 

Once-of registration fee of R50-00

R1800-00 p/a

(save 25% per year)

Yearly Investment 

Together we will be ...



The Word of God tells us that whatever we plant we will harvest. If a farmer wants apple trees, he needs to plant apple seeds. Likewise, if you are looking to start a new business or grow and develop in your existing business it would be wise to sow into fertile ground that will support your seed.

When you become a member of the CWIB Club, you are actually sowing seeds into good ground and The Word says you will reap a harvest. At CWIB Club we commit to supporting and praying for your business and you. We believe that every business that is a part of our community will grow and flourish in every season because of seed sown. 

We Harvest What We Plant
"God will never be mocked! For what you plant will always be the very thing you harvest. The harvest you reap reveals the seed that you planted. If you plant the corrupt seeds of self-life into this natural realm, you can expect a harvest of corruption. If you plant the good seeds of Spirit-life you will reap beautiful fruits that grow from the everlasting life of the Spirit."
Galatians 6: 7-8 (TPT)