Confidence Den ...

Regular Workshops and Retreats  will be hosted for business women to grow and excel as Confident Daughters of God in business!

This is an opportunity to escape from the  busyness of life and business,  to learn from each other, to share,  to laugh, to network and to build deep and sincere relationships!

These workshops and retreats will all be designed with a specific topic in mind - to inspire, encourage and to support you in various areas of your personal and work life. Our presenters and facilitators of these workshops are of the highest standards and leaders in their specific fields.

The Confidence Den helps women in the workplace reach their God-given potential with confidence!



Join us ...



WHO AM I WORKSHOP - Discover your true identity! 

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Join us for this ONLINE 4-week interactive workshop, that will run over 8 weeks to discover your true identity!

"Our God is an equipping Father.
What He requires, He provides.
What He demands, He enables.”

Discovering our GODLY IDENTITY is part of this equipping process. 

In these 4 sessions together, we will discover how God equips us to:
•    live in the freedom that Jesus has bought for us;  
•    use the truth of God’s word to overcome sin and 
•    be strengthened to endure in times of trouble. 

Session 1:
•    The role of Identity in what we believe and how we behave.

Session 2 - 4
•    In these sessions we will delve into the meaning and power of 6 biblical identities. Although we may be familiar with the concepts of identities, we will discover how these truths equip and empower us to practically change the way we think, feel and behave.


The workshop will be presented by the Author of the book WHO AM I? - Elize Marie Muller and the workshop will include a copy of her book. 

If you already have a copy of her book, we encourage you to use this opportunity and bless someone else with her book.

This will be hosted Online via Zoom, every second Wednesday from 4 August 2021, @ 8:45 - 10:30.

Cost: R250-00

(CWIB Club Members - R230)

(Excluding Courier costs for her book)



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Join us for our next 3-day CONFIDENT ME-TIME RETREAT,  6-9 March 2022!


We are so excited, our first retreat that will be hosted from 5-8 September 2021, was fully booked within 2 days!


This retreat will help you to step away from everyday life and the busyness of a businesswoman as well as inspire business and career women to learn to get more focus, be present, taking control to prioritize their self-care, and spend time with God.


We believe in the restorative power of retreats, unplugging, and offering nurturing care to yourself. We all need this kind of intimate self-care retreat for ourselves!


This retreat will be hosted in the beautiful town, Clarens in the Eastern Free State from Sunday afternoon to Wednesday morning!

COST: R 2 500-00

CWIB Club Members: R 2 300-00


This will include:

  • Arrival on Sunday afternoon

  • Inspirational sessions 

  • 3 nights accommodation in Clarens Manor Guesthouse

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for 2 days

  • Picnic in the mountains

  • Afternoon at the Spa

  • Creativity Class

  • CWIB Gift Bag


God had endowed each of us with different “gifts”!

Knowing your giftedness can enable you to work with God to manage your business, career, employees or team members into a healthy and thriving manner and with the added benefit of making your work both enjoyable and rewarding.


Looking to grow in your leadership skills?


This workshop will help you thrive as a leader in business to bring your team in your business or in the company you are working closer to the Lord and in line with your mission and vision.

So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, And guided them with his skillful hands”
Psalm 78:72 (NIV)

More information will be available soon!