Business & Faith Talk with Cerita Nagy
Founder, CWIB
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We celebrate Women’s Month in August and Women’s Day on Sunday and our Founder, Cerita Nagy, shares a message to you...




Women are capable of many things, but there is a constant fight between family and work life! We can ask ouselves, where does family fit into our roles as godly businesswomen?

God places tremendous value on family, and family is one of the most important “building blocks” of society. Successful families are vital to the health of any nation.


In Proverbs 31:27 we read,

“She watches over the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her…”


The woman described in Proverbs 31 is able to focus not only on her  career, or business, but also on her home.

  • She is always busy, she works with eager hands

  • She’s amazing, like a merchant vessel, with food and goods

  • She looks after her household, gives orders to her serving girls

  • She sets her mind on a field and buys it; with what her hands have earned she plants a vineyard

  • She helps others

  • She considers circumstances and prepares for them

  • She opens her mouth with wisdom, with kind instruction

  • Her husband is respected because of her.


This woman is thriving, she’s in business, looks after her home, honors her husband and cares for others.

She is independent.

She’s working hard, taking care of her work and home, discerning how to handle the money and becoming the woman who is praised because of her wisdom, even her husband is praised because of her.


This great testimony is reflected in her character, her heart and her success. She is doing everything, as if she is serving God personally.


The key for any woman who is building a career or business and wants to navigate her life, her marriage, her career and business in a Godly way. It is ONLY when Jesus is Lord in her life. and He is the only One, she answers to, and above all else,  she aspires to ‘walk in the spirit’ in everything she does.


Personally she has witnessed the incredible capacity of women who are successful in their careers, that put the Kingdom of God first and in their homes, still honor and esteem their husbands in a Godly way. 


This transformed her own thinking, about what was possible for her and other women. This made her appreciate the women in scripture, who have thrived in faith too.


In Acts 16, we read about Lydia.  She was a business woman, a worshipper of God and became pivotal to helping Paul in his ministry and preaching of the gospel. In John 12, we read about Mary, sister of Lazarus. She grasped the concept that Jesus was like ‘that pearl of great price’. She broke an expensive bottle of perfume, poured it on his feet and wiped it with her hair.  Her money, her heart and her treasure became part of the story of Jesus.


God wants to utilise all of our gifts, our talents, our abilities and help us to be Godly witnesses to all around us.

So let us,

Love first.

Respect first.

Develop the skills to communicate better and let kindness be in all your words.


Let’s pray and ask God to help us, to grow in ‘the fruit of the Spirit’.  We are witnesses, maybe not in words, but in how we react, how we behave in different circumstances, always remembering that Jesus is our Lord.  We must be women that live by the word of God. That have the faith to trust God with our marriage, our home and our career and business. To surrender everything to Him and become the powerful Kingdom women God designed us to be.


We are grateful for the book of Proverbs, all the good and amazing lessons of how to be a Godly Woman.  It is a challenge to be Godly in all our ways every day, around other believers, but also in our business or career.  It is sometimes necessary to be still, to check our character, to let love lead us and to speak with wisdom.  To make sure Jesus is our Lord, that He is first in our lives, our careers and businesses and that NO one comes before him.


Have a blessed and successful Women's Month!